Auburn, CA

Areas We Service and Services We Provide

E-Z Way Driving School Provides Some Unique Features For Our Students Other Schools Don’t

Best Safety Measures

Annual Continuing Education and Seminars for our Instructors and Staff. Other Schools are every 3 years.

Experienced Instructors

Serving The Sierra Foothills Region Since 1984. We have combined over 50 years of experience. 

Perfect Timing

With so many distracted drivers on the road there couldn’t be a better time to learn to drive more defensively than generations before us.

Affordable Rates

We’re constantly checking other providers in our region to ensure we’re providing Drivers Training and Education at the MOST affordable rate.

Class Formats

We offer Online Drivers Education as well as In Classroom. We are one of the only providers in the region to offer In Classroom Education to date.

Student License

If your teen is age 15 and wants a Student License, we’re approved by the DMV to offer this service and training.

Steps To Getting On The Road

Here Is A Basic Breakdown To Getting Your Permit, Then Your License