Frequestly Asked Questions

Drivers Education Information

How do I get started?
Is E-Z Way Driving Schools online course approved by the State of California?
What are the online system requirements for the course?
How is the online learning experience different from the classroom learning experience?
Will I still be equally prepared to start practicing behind the wheel driving?
Can I take the online course and still sign up in a the Behind The Wheel package later?
Is there an advantage to taking the course online?
Where do I go for technical help regarding the system?
Where do I go to ask a question about the curriculum?
How many hours a day can I work on the online course?
How long will it take me to complete the online course?
What if I don't pass the quiz at the end of a chapter?
When will I be able to get my learner's permit?

Behind The Wheel Training Information

Do you pick up and drop off for free?
How many hours is required to get your license?
Is Behind The Wheel for Adults or Teens?
What do you do during a Behind The Wheel Training Session?
Are your vehicles safe?
How many hours is required to get your license?
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